Survitec is pleased to announce as part of our effort to continually improve all aspects of our service offering and maintain the duty of care afforded to the end users of our products, we have completely revised the structure and distribution of our aviation servicing manuals.

This new initiative will ensure products serviced under the Survitec name and the stations responsible for servicing them adhere to industry standards and stringent procedural criteria required by Survitec Group. This means only Survitec authorised service stations and certified operators will have access to the documentation necessary to maintain Survitec's products. This will help the company uphold global service standards for its products and provide customers with the reassurance that equipment is being maintained safely and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The project has taken 18 months to complete, with a total of 143 manuals produced to cover each specific product in the range, replacing 56 more general publications. The new manuals are laid out in a new uniform format with easy-to-follow instructions. Future updates will be advised through regular service bulletins.

Explained Barry Clarke, Survitec's Commercial Aviation Service Manager "We operate in an industry where our daily or weekly operations could directly impact the outcome of a critical emergency situation. We believe this positive transformation will continue to help raise operational standards, safeguarding both our successful relationships with our customers, and the longevity of our servicing network partners"