Successful evacuation using SurvitecZodiac Slide MES saves all 70 passengers


Survitec, the global safety solutions provider, has a long heritage of supplying life-critical safety equipment, enabling its customers to operate effectively and safely across the globe.

On 6 January 2018, a passenger ferry – “Mestre Simão” – run by the ferry transportation firm Atlanticoline, ran aground near the port of Madalena do Pico in the Portuguese region of the Azores. Mestre Simão, which was commissioned by Altlanticoline in 2013 to provide maritime transport for people and vehicles, was equipped with two SurvitecZodiac Medium Inflatable Slide (MIS) Marine Evacuation System and two SurvitecZodiac MES SIS.
Following the successful deployment of Survitec’s safety equipment all 70 passengers and crew were evacuated safely.The SurvitecZodiac MIS MES is specifically designed for passenger ships where fast evacuation is required. They are light, easy to deploy and can be made immediately available for boarding to facilitate the safe descent of passengers into canopied inflatable liferafts.

Survitec is committed to the safely of passengers and is proud to be the partner of choice for the fleet. 



Mestre Simão (commissioned 2013)

Products on board:

Key product benefits:

  • Reduced crew requirements and ease of operation
  • Twin track Slide on which decent speed can be controlled
  • Accessible to all passengers regardless of age, size or physical capability
  • Flexible installation for closed deck and open deck vessels
  • Simple and quick to install and re-install after service
  • Electric remote release system, which automatically performs a complete system deployment
  • Float-free system operates before the water reaches the evacuation deck
  • Unique, lightweight and small deck footprint

Successful Evacuation using SurvitecZodiac Inflatable Slides